Specialisation Casimir pre-PhD

In collaboration with the Leiden Institute of Physics, a special option – the Casimir specialization – prepares and educates MSc students for PhD positions at the Delft Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) or elsewhere. It is also designed to respond to the increased mobility of students after entering an MSc programme. This materializes in a particular set of courses and research experience in more than one department. A selection will take place for admittance to this programme. For a limited number of students within the programme, a PhD position is guaranteed: upon successfully completing the programme, candidates can compete for a special Casimir PhD grant. This grant (availability limited) guarantees a PhD position in a research group of choice at either the Delft Kavli Institute of Nanoscience or the Leiden Institute of Physics. For the other students completing the Casimir programme, PhD job prospects are expected to be very good.

In 2004, Leiden University and TU Delft established the Casimir graduate school for PhD students at the Kavli Institute for Nanoscience in Delft and the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION). The research within the school is grouped into six themes, each covering theoretical, experimental and applied research areas at both Leiden and Delft. 

For Applied Physics students at Delft, admission into this programme proceeds as follows. Students doing the Applied Physics degree courses inform the programme coordinator that they are interested in following the Casimir special programme in the course of their first semester. After the first examination period in January, a special committee consisting of staff members from both Leiden and Delft decides on admission to the programme. Students who are not admitted can continue with the general Applied Physics programme without incurring delays. 

The programme and all modules are described in detail in the study guide.