Architectural Engineering

Architectural Engineering brings spatial, functional, social and technical developments together in its integrated design projects. Focus areas are circular economy design, digital manufacturing, robotic building, product design, material research, building physics, structural mechanics and computational modelling.

Focus and approach

Architecture and engineering are irreversibly connected. Research in the field of technology leads to various improvements in architecture. This also works the other way around: improvements in architecture help to inspire research and trigger innovation. If you choose for Architectural Engineering, you choose for architecture as a complete design discipline in which technical possibilities are an inspiration and an important contribution to the architectural design. 


The chair of Architectural Engineering offers a set of inspiring studios:

In MSc 1 'EXTREME architecture' the close connection between architecture and technology in an extreme geographical context is explored. 

Programme MSc 1 fall semester 2019 (pdf)

In MSc 2 'Bucky Lab A'* students design and build prototypes (as part) of an innovative and sustainable building concept. 

Programme MSc 2 spring semester 2020 (pdf)

In MSc 3/4 'Architectural Engineering Graduation Studio' students define their own graduation assignment, related to different selected contexts, societal challenges and technical topics. The graduation studio consists of two collaborating research by design groups: Intecture and Robotic Building. The first semester (MSc3) consists of research into a technical topic in relation to architecture. During the second semester (MSc4) research and design are further developed, resulting in an integrated design.

Programme MSc 3 spring semester 2020 (pdf)

Staff Thijs Asselbergs, Henriëtte Bier, Marcel Bilow, ir. Roel van de Pas, ir. Job Schroën, ir. Mo Smit, ir. Anne Snijders, ir. Pieter Stoutjesdijk, ir. Emiel Lamers, dr. Mauro Parravicini   

Additional information

For detailed course descriptions, please visit the study guide:
MSc 1 (only in fall semester)
MSc 2* (only in spring semester) 
MSc 3

* The MSc 2 semester of the Architecture track consists of 5 credits of compulsory courses and 25 credits of electives, of which an approved MSc 2 Architecture design project. See also the MSc 2 design projects page for an overview of MSc 2 Architecture design projects. 


Ir. Mo Smit