City of the Future

City of the Future is a multidisciplinary graduation studio focusing on the central question: how to design and develop in an integrated way a transformation area into an attractive future urban environment? It is motivated by urgent social / local issues varying among housing demand, social inclusiveness, new economy, climate adaptation, and the transitions in the areas of energy, mobility, circularity, automation and digitization.

Students of different MSc tracks will be dealing with various matters (e.g. spatial, policy, energy, societal) sharing insights and perspectives about the multifaceted future challenges of urban environments. Students will work together also in designing part of their own study pathway by means of workshops, lectures, excursions and other (extra)curricular activities.

For whom

City of the Future is a multidisciplinary graduation studio for students of the MSc tracks Architecture, Urbanism and Management in the Built Environment. Students of the MSc Geomatics for the Built Environment can also participate upon agreement of their graduation coordinator. In addition, for students of the MSc TIL (Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, faculties of CiTG and TPM), it will be possible to participate in this studio.  


The City of the Future graduation studio will be offered only in the fall semester.

Programme fall semester 2020 (pdf)


Dr. arch. Roberto Cavallo, dr. ir. Fransje Hooimeijer, dr. ir. Maurice Harteveld, dr. prof. ir. Ellen van Bueren, dr. ir. Tom Daamen, dr. ir. John Baggen, drs. ing. Hans de Boer, ir. Joran Kuijper.

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