Form Studies

Form Studies focuses on the aspects of aesthetics, perception and materialisation of architectural compositions. You will acquire insight in the creative process and how this can help you to come to innovative design solutions. This allows you to gain knowledge and understanding of the various aesthetical outcomes. In the studios you are taught an integrated design approach in order to come to optimised spatial and structural solutions. By using the physical model as a main research tool, students  develop design related research skills.

Focus and approach

The MSc1 and MSc2 studios make intensive use of physical models and hand drawings to develop and test design concepts. The design method is intuitive, experimental, reflective and efficient. By using the various scales simultaneously during the design process, you learn to unravel complex spatial and structural problems. The physical model, in combination with the drawing, offers the possibility to get a good understanding of the coherence between spatial solutions. The desired expression is legible in the proportions and materialisation of the models. Documenting the results and reflecting on the process and its outcome, is seen as an essential part of the  studios. 


MSc1 studio 
The MSc1 studio Form, Structure & Aesthetics researches how aesthetical values can be achieved as a result of the integrated design process. Developing form, structure, aesthetics, and sustainability at the same time help to understand the current role of the architect.

The main topics of the studio: 

  • The expression of structure and detail in architecture
  • The aesthetical consequences of sustainable solutions in architecture.

Programme MSc 1 fall semester 2023 (pdf)

MSc 2 studio 
The MSc 2 studio The Delta Shelter focuses on the design of a small project in a Delta environment; a dynamic and natural surrounding on the border of water and land. The role, impact and contribution of architecture and its typology and manifestation are part of the research in this assignment.

Programme MSc 2 studio Delta Shelter spring semester 2024 (pdf)  

Programme MSc 2 studio Restart-House spring semester 2024 (pdf)  

Programme MSc 2 studio High-Rise Culture spring semester 2023 (pdf)
The MSc 2 studio High-Rise Culture is offered by Form Studies, Architecture and Public Building and Architecture and Dwelling.

Programme MSc 2 studio Van Gezel tot Meester spring semester 2024 (pdf)

MSc 3 studio

Programme MSc 3 fall semester 2023 (pdf)


Peter Koorstra, Geert Coumans, Mieke Vink, Wing Yung, Lianne Klitsie, Kristian Kaltenbach, Hans van der Pas, Georg Bohle, Elise van Dooren.

Additional information

For detailed course descriptions, please visit the study guide:

MSc 1 (only in fall semester)
MSc 2* (only in spring semester)
MSc 3

* The MSc2 semester of the Architecture track consists of 5 credits of compulsory courses and 25 credits of electives, of which an Architecture approved MSc2 elective design studio. See also the Elective Design Studios page for a full overview of MSc2 Architecture design projects. Visit the study guide for an overview of 5 EC electives. AR0121 Analytical Models, AR0796 Ornamatics and AR0215 Form & Inspiration are offered by Form Studies.


Peter Koorstra