The programme’s first year focuses on the development of core knowledge on landscape architecture theory, techniques and repertoire and the active practicing of design skills on various levels of complexity and scale. The second year is almost entirely dedicated to the completion of the graduation project.

Academic year 2023-2024

First year
1st semester2nd semester
1st quarter2nd quarter3rd quarter4th quarter
Architecture and Landscape: Design Studio
(10 EC)
Dutch Landscape: Design Studio
(10 EC)
Urban Landscape: Design Studio
(10 EC)
(15 EC)
Architecture and Landscape: Theory, Method and Critical Thinking
(5 EC)
Dutch Landscape: Theory, Method and Critical Thinking 
(5 EC)
Urban Landscape: Theory, Method and Critical Thinking
(5 EC)
Second year
3rd semester4th semester
1st quarter & 2nd quarter 3rd quarter & 4th quarter
Graduation Studio Landscape Architecture: Flowscapes
(20 EC)
Graduation Studio Landscape Architecture: Flowscapes
(30 EC)
Research Methodology in Landscape Architecture
(5 EC)
Landscape Architecture Analysis and Visualisation
(5 EC)


In the first semester of the second year students develop a study plan, a research proposal and a methodology paper for the graduation thesis. The Flowscape graduation studio is structured around projects within our research programme Landscape Systems and Compositions. A variety of so-called ‘graduation labs’ enable students to contribute to a specific research theme or topic.

An important objective during the graduation year is the development of a critical position in relation to the discipline, society and the built environment.

Detailed information on graduation

One academic year = 60 EC (1680 hrs study, 1 EC 28 hr)
EC = European Credits 
Total amount of credits MSc programme = 120 EC

Additional information

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First semester
Second semester