Career prospects

Graduates are valued by project development companies, real estate investors, housing associations, municipalities and regional and central governments, where they may concentrate on the overall logistics of design, construction and management. They also join firms involved in the management, maintenance or renovation of large office or residential projects.The tasks they take on can vary from initial studies, design and construction to the management of existing real estate. Graduates may also opt for an academic career and continue their studies at the doctoral level.

  • Design & Construction Management: a wide range of positions in the building and project development sectors, including such positions as design manager, construction manager, process manager, project manager, consultant, or project developer.
  • Real Estate Management: positions in real estate management, consultancy, process management, local and regional development, and policy-making in both the private and the non-profit sectors.
  • Housing Management: positions in the not for profit housing sector, notably housing associations. Positions in commercial housing are accessible as well.
  • Urban Development Management: jobs in the project development sector and urban development management both in private and public sector.

Alternatively, you may wish to pursue a career in research and development, either in the private sector or as a PhD student at a university.

Careers of graduates from Master track Management in the Built Environment

Figure: Professional profile MBE alumni for the period 2010-2015. Source: MBE graduation administration/ LinkedIn BOSS Alumni | Real Estate & Housing (MBE) | TU Delft. - Elaboration: Rosan Pallada, Jeroen Meijler and Peter de Jong. 
N = 198. Response 59%.

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