The programme cooperates at a regional level with the LUMC, the University of Leiden, ErasmusMC, and Erasmus University in the so called 'Medical Delta'. Research assignments are provided by the various research groups that contribute to the programme in Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam and Leiden, and by industrial partners.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration
The MSc course puts the emphasis on multi-disciplinary collaboration and the MSc theses are carried out under the guidance of both technical and clinical tutors.

In the field of biomedical engineering there are still many new discoveries to be made and there is a constant search for better equipment. It is a hi-tech field in which research programmes at universities can still compete (and collaborate) with industrial programmes. Its importance for society as a whole is obvious. It is very rewarding for students to see that their efforts can have a direct or indirect impact on clinical practice.



"I surely find the human body the greatest machine of them all."

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Ronald Bos
(The Netherlands)