Guido Hartog

Chemical Engineering

"My name is Guido and I am a second-year Master’s student in Chemical Engineering, following the Process Engineering track. I chose this programme because it is one of the best Chemical Engineering programmes in the world, which is quite remarkable for a university so close to home. I think the best thing about our programme is the process design part at the end of the first year. That’s when you get the opportunity to design a process for a company and work in an international team, something that mimics the group work you might experience later on in your career. During this Master’s programme you first immerse yourself in the theory of process engineering, before applying this knowledge in the design project, your internship and maybe even your Master’s thesis project.

After doing my internship at Shell and my Master’s thesis project (preferably under the auspices of a company), I will be ready for the job market! I aspire to work for an engineering firm like Worley, Fluor or Bilfinger Tebodin, being involved in projects for various chemical companies. My principal interests in those projects would be sustainability, safety and process control, fortunately all aspects that are touched upon in the process design courses."