Sharon Bosch

Alumni Chemical Engineering

"When I started the Master’s programme in Chemical Engineering, I was excited to learn in depth about chemical processes and products, and I certainly faced these topics in both the complex theoretical engineering challenges of the courses and in practice during the research projects and the internship of the Process Engineering track. Besides this, the inspiring and unique collaborative and supportive culture of the programme, with students from all over the world taking part, allowed me to develop not only my technical but also my social skills. Moreover, I got the opportunity to study food technology for six months at a university in Sydney, Australia, where I explored new cultures and ways of working as well.

I work for an engineering consultancy firm nowadays, dealing with clients. I joined a traineeship to become a full-grown cost engineering consultant, which is a specialist in (chemical) project cost management. As a cost engineer, I gain expertise in the complex variables that determine the budget during both the estimation and execution of projects in order to provide clients with clear and straightforward solutions. Here the skills and abilities I gained during my studies come in very handy. Therefore, what I appreciate most about the programme is that you can personalise it in such a way that it fits your own desired personal and career path perfectly."