Career prospects

Your career prospects as a graduate of the MSc programme in Civil Engineering are excellent. Opportunities abound in the public sector as well as with engineering consultants, contractors, gouvernmental bodies, international development organisations and research institutes. Civil Engineers from Delft have an outstanding worldwide reputation. They are able to work professionally in complex and unpredictable environments and to assume leading roles in these organisations worldwide. 

Alumni testimonials

Marinus Aalberts

We’re facing climate change, and there are a lot of new challenges for the next generations to keep our land safe from flooding. This embankment makes sure 2 million people are safe for the next generations. That’s the importance of our job.

Marinus Aalberts, Head of Office, Witteveen+Bos

Jaap van Thiel de Vries

Civil engineers are crucial for our future because we shape the world that we live in. A world that is full of challenges related to climate change, biodiversity, which is under pressure, and to poverty, which is still found everywhere around the world. The role of civil engineers is to translate all those challenges into practical solutions.

Jaap van Thiel de Vries, Director Design & Estimating, Boskalis