Career prospects

Job opportunities

Due to the complexity of buildings, the development of building materials, the ever- changing user requirements and new technological insights, there are many building engineers needed. Getting all of the specialists to cooperate efficiently is as great a challenge as the actual construction of buildings. As there are many specialised companies involved in construction, there are extensive career opportunities. Think of building contractors, real estate developers, institutional investors, architectural, engineering and consultancy firms, research institutes and educational institutes.

What kind of jobs do alumni have?

  • Real estate developers
  • Building contractors
  • Institutional investors
  • Architectural/ Engineering firms
  • Consultancies
  • Building Services firms
  • Fa├žade consultancies
  • Construction firms of large companies and institutions
  • Engineering services government
  • Research institutes (e.g. TNO)
  • Educational institutes (e.g. TU Delft)