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What are the differences between the MSc track Structural Engineering and the MSc track Building Engineering, specialisation Structural Design?

Generalising, the track Building Engineering aims to educate design-oriented generalists with sufficient rather than all knowledge of mechanics, materials, structures, façades, architecture and building physics to be able to play an integrating role in the design process of large buildings. The track Structural Engineering would provide you with all specialistic in-depth knowledge of one of these aspects, mainly focussing on mechanics and construction materials. The typical BE-SD student has more affinity with architecture, broader and integrating knowledge, teamwork and is design-oriented. A typical SE student has an exact attitude, has high marks for mathematics, enjoys fundamental knowledge more than designing. Furthermore, BE offers a specialisation in façades and buildings physics that can not be found in SE.

What are the differences between the MSc track Building Engineering, specialisation Building Technology and Physics of Civil Engineering and the variant Building Technology of the MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences of the Faculty of Architec

Both will obviously lead to a different diploma (MSc Civil Engineering vs. MSc Architecture), and the influx of students is also related to that: at Civil Engineering, most (but not all) students have completed a civil engineering undergraduate study, whereas at Architecture, most of the student have an architectural bachelor diploma. This influences the type of courses, since both groups have different prior knowledge. The Civil Engineering programme is more oriented towards calculation, simulation, the measurable side of designs, whereas the Architecture programme is more focused on aesthetics, functionality, integration in the urban context.

Of course these are a bit stereotypes, since there is some overlap. You will even partially meet the same lecturers, since part of the program in Building Engineering is conducted by lecturers and professors from Architecture, especially the façade and building physics-related courses.