Main research lines of the group are structural glass, i.e. glass as construction material, and forensic engineering. Current research focusses on glass bricks, moulded glass elements and glass structures, as well as on scientific research on structural failures and structural risk management.

Within the group several PhD students are working on actual and relevant research questions. such as: Responsibilities in Building, Structural Design and the Adaptive Reuse of Existing Building Structures, Prefabricated Concrete in Buildings and Computational Design. The themes Building Engineering would like to address are:

  • Computational Design
  • Structural Design and Safety
  • Production Assembly and Technology
  • Special and Complete Structures
  • Building Physics and Technology

Master students are encouraged to join the research initiatives of Structural Design / Building Engineering.

Lab facilities

Structural Design students in some cases make use of the laboratory facilities, mostly during their Master’s thesis project. Our Faculty has a structures laboratory, the Stevin lab. For glass-related research a dedicated glass-lab is part of the Stevin lab. For micro-mechanics and material investigations, some students during their MSc thesis use the Microlab of our colleagues of Materials & Environment. They also have a small 3D-concrete printing facility.
Finally, sometimes on-site measurements are carried out. Especially in the specialisation Building Technology and Physics some building physics measurement equipment is available to take to the location of interest to register for example temperature, humidity, sound or light. This research is usually done under guidance from the lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture.