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A candidate must demonstrate the following knowledge and skills to enrol in the MSc track of Hydraulic Engineering:

  • Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations
  • Probability Analysis and Statistics
  • Numerical Mathematics, Programming
  • Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Hydraulics, Hydrology, Hydraulic Engineering
  • Dynamics, Soil Mechanics, Structural Mechanics
  • Concrete & Steel Structures, Design of Structures and Foundations, Hydraulic Structures
Dutch BSc degree

Applicants with a BSc degree in Civil Engineering from either Delft University of Technology or University of Twente can start with the MSc track Hydraulic Engineering without additional requirements. Students from University of Twente are advised to check whether they need to repair deficiencies.

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline are eligible for admission, but the curriculum of each applicant will be assessed individually to determine whether all prerequisite skills have been achieved. Applicants that have not met all conditions must follow and complete a tailored bridging programme prior to starting the MSc track to match the expected existing knowledge base.

Dutch HBO

Students with a Civil Engineering BSc degree of a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) must follow a standardized bridging programme. More information can be found here.

Application bridging programmes

You can submit your application for registration before 1 July by sending an email to: Please include the following information:

  1. your BSc degree and institution;
  2. which MSc track you are applying to;
  3. a list of courses, including grades, of your BSc programme.
International applicants

Information on the intake procedure for international applicants and the general admission requirements can be found here. Note that the requirements given above are expected prerequisite knowledge prior to enrolment in the MSc track for Hydraulic Engineering.

Admission and Application