Career prospects

Job opportunities

Structural engineers work on projects all over the world for employers like consultancy firms, contractors and research institutions.

They work with architects, consultants, contractors, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers to ensure that all parts of the structure are safe and capable of fulfilling their intended function. Upon graduation, students may choose to work in structural design or choose to specialize in construction or research. The career prospects for structural engineering graduates are promising, and many find jobs at consultancy firms. Of the alumni 20% works abroad and 70% of the students do a graduation assignment with an external party.

What kind of jobs do alumni have?

  • Structural engineer at specialised consultancy firms (e.g. in the field of concrete or steel structures) or more general civil engineering consultancy firms or (special departments of) bigger contractors
  • Researcher, e.g. at TNO
  • Advisor within authorities such as Rijkswaterstaat, Provincial Waterstaat and the biggest municipalities
  • PhD student