Research departments

Lab facilities

The Structural Engineering track has extensive and advanced facilities for research ranging from nano scale to full scale.

In the so-called Micro lab, belonging to the Section Materials and Environment, research on nano and micro scale is done, mainly on cementitious materials, e,g, to investigate the hardening process of such materials.

In the so-called Macro lab research is done within the groups:

  • Pavement Engineering, e.g. the (effect of moisture on the) bond between bitumen and aggregate, permanent deformation and fatigue behaviour of asphalt mixes
  • Railway Engineering, e.g. wear of railway track due to repeated loading
  • Concrete Structures, e.g. failure behaviour of full-scale beams, either made in the laboratory or originating from demolished bridges
  • Steel, Timber and FRP Constructions, e.g. (failure) behaviour of connections in steel structures, orthotropic steel deck bridges, a variety of timber materials and structures, and FRP structures such as pedestrian bridges
  • Building Engineering, e.g. the behaviour of structural glass and the design of structures made thereof