MSc Track: Transport & Planning

In densely populated countries such as the Netherlands hundreds of kilometres of traffic gridlock, air pollution, traffic accidents and delayed public transport are all part of the daily fare. The MSc track Transport & Planning trains people to play a central role in resolving such problems. Transport & Planning engineers, for example, work on clever ideas to manage traffic flows and prevent congestion, they develop public transport systems and design methods to assure reliable operations, or they model and assess transport networks to improve the reliability and efficiency of transport networks. A characteristic of the topics on which they work is that these are often in the news and are high on the political agenda.

MSc programmes per September 2022
As per September 2022 we are planning to redesign the master programme Civil Engineering. If this process proceeds as planned, the subjects of the tracks mentioned below will be integrated in the master programme Civil Engineering per September 2022. Students who enroll in the current track in September 2021, can continue this track until August 2024, after which a transition into the new master programme Civil Engineering will apply. The curriculum of the new master programme will be published on our website as of September 2021. Please contact the study advisors if you have urgent questions at this moment or consult our frequently asked questions section.

Key features of this track:

➨ Direct connection with top research and research facilities

➨ Programme with strong broad engineering perspective and specialisations

➨ Active student association

➨ International orientation of staff, students and education

➨ TU Delft is world leading in transportation science and technology, and holds a 4th position in the Shanghai Ranking 2020

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