The MSc track Water Management consists of the following elements:

The common courses provide a broad basis across the fields of hydrology, water resources management and urban water engineering. Most are given in the first period of the academic year. Consequently, students do not have to decide on their specialisation right at the start of their MSc, but can do this later.

Specialisation courses   

The specialisation courses depend on the specialisation you choose. The department Water Management offers some 25 specialisation courses. In addition you can choose courses from for instance hydraulic engineering and environmental engineering tracks. If you do additional electives you have even more freedom, as long as your individual program is logical and consistent.


Many students do part of their Masters abroad. Interdisciplinary projects are usually done abroad and often part of the MSc thesis is done abroad. In addition, there are several exchange programs that you could make use of.

More information

More details can be found in the Programme MSc Water Management 2019-2020.

For specific questions you can contact the Master's Coordinator Water Management:

Wim Luxemburg

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