Track Traffic and Transport Engineering

In densely populated countries such as the Netherlands, hundreds of kilometers of traffic gridlock, air pollution, traffic accidents and delayed public transport are all part of the daily fare. The track Traffic and Transport Engineering trains you to play a central role in resolving such problems. 

In this track you will learn to develop innovative engineering solutions to resolve traffic and transport related societal challenges, such as traffic congestion, air pollution, aging infrastructure, traffic accidents and delayed public transport, while anticipating and considering emerging societal trends, such as urbanisation, sustainability, critical infrastructure networks, frequent changes in transport demand, automation and connectivity, advances in ICT and flexible transport systems and services. At the same time you will develop a strong engineering profile to ensure safe and effective transportation of people and goods. A characteristic of the topics on which traffic and transport engineers work, is that these are often in the news and are high on the political agenda.

Key features

➨ Planning, design, operation, assessment and management of roads, railways, transport systems and their related networks.
➨ Develop engineering solutions to transportation-related problems by associating human behaviour with traffic and transport management, network performance and road and rail infrastructure quality.

Student Stories: A match made in heaven

TU Delft is world leading university in the area of Transportation Science and Technology and holds a 2nd position in the Global Shanghai Ranking by academic subjects in 2022.

Research examples