Track: Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently at the center of a plethora of disruptive societal and scientific innovations, and is predicted to be one of the key enabler technologies for the coming decade. Applications range from intelligent personal assistants, to self-driving cars, smart infrastructures and cities to smart industries, but also cover health, education, and legal applications. These developments are driven by Artificial Intelligence Systems - software systems which combine data with intelligent algorithms embedded in a larger software-ecosystem of the application domain. In the Artificial Intelligence Technology (AIT) track of the Computer Science MSc programme, you will learn how to design and engineer such AI Software Systems.

What you will learn

The Artificial Intelligence Technology Msc Track will cover the algorithmic foundations of AI Systems, addressing topics in Machine Learning and Intelligent Algorithms, but also foundational topics in System and Software Engineering and Data Management. A wide selection of specializations allow to cater and steer the study programme according to personal preferences, and allows to focus on chosen core technologies or application areas

Artificial Intelligence Technology is meant for students with a keen interest in AI and who want to focus on the development and engineering of systems using AI to solve problems from a variety of application domains.

We are currently setting up the AIT track. More information will be available mid-February.