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Ir. Jeroen Hoving

Director of Studies CME

Sandra Schuchmann-Hagman

Secretary Coordinator MSc programme

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Coordinator Projects & People

Dr. Daan Schraven

Coordinator Design & Integration

Sander van Nederveen

Coordinator Engineering & Systems

Questions about Research Internship, Multidisciplinary Projects or Graduation specialisation:

Questions about Graduation specialisation: Marian Bosch-Rekveldt

Research internship coordinator and Coordinator Management of Projects

Dr. Daan Schraven

Coordinator Integral & Multidisciplinary Design, Coordinator Legal & Finance Ruud Binnekamp

Coordinator Digital Design & Asset Management

Information on Admission, Application & Finance:

For international applicants:

International Office CEG

For Dutch students:

Study Advisors CEG

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