Introduction to the programme

During the master Construction Management and Engineering (CME) the student will be educated on different aspects of managing large, internationally oriented, construction projects. Therefore the building- or construction project has a central position within this programme. Ageing (infra-) structures, urbanisation and globalisation, a need for logistics and maintenance optimisation, the energy transition and new construction techniques like 3D-printing are just some of the factors that yield huge management and project challenges for the future. The programme addresses the growing need to reform the building and construction industry and therefore students are taught to deal with these transitions now and in the future.

The programme consists of four parts: 1) the core curriculum, consisting of compulsory courses, including a synchronisation course depending on your BSc, 2) the specialisation courses, depending on your chosen specialisation, 3) the general and free electives, and 4) the graduation thesis.

Programme overview:

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