The core of the CoSEM programme is directly linked to the mission of the Faculty of TPM. Many courses are informed by insights from ongoing research and recently published papers. Furthermore, a large number of graduates specialise in one of the related research domains and contribute to some part of the research. The following research programmes are directly related to the MSc:

Cooperation with industry

Almost all master thesis projects are conducted within a company. Most of the graduate coordinators have a large number of assignments from companies available. Within the programme, guest lecturers shared their experiences and practices with the students.

The student association Curius organises business courses, in-house excursions, consultancy-cycles and (international) study visits.

Cooperation in internships and final projects

Businesses and public organisations welcome our students for internships, thesis projects or as prospective employees. A survey of the list of available projects for internships and graduation projects reveals that in several domains there are more projects available than students interested in pursuing studies in that particular domain.

Students can complete a graduation project that relates to the ongoing research at TU Delft in simulation and gaming. Students who complete the Modelling, Simulation and Gaming specialisation often carry out projects in combination with industry focusing on topics such as process optimisation at a large bank, and gaming in crises management.

The ongoing cooperation with government agencies enables students to work on projects focusing on transforming government, improving business processes and supply chain collaboration, and enabling online service provisioning.