Programme in detail

The master Computer Science has a duration of 2 years and consists of 120 EC. The programme is divided in eight quarters. At the end of each quarter students carry out exams. In the first year you will spend time on common courses and specialization courses. During the first year students start specializing. This specialization takes place gradually through selecting in the first semester (Q1 and Q2) of the first year courses of three fields of research, in the second semester courses of two research groups. In the fourth quarter (Q4) of the first year you will choose, in consultation with the relevant research group, your specialization for year two of the master programme. Under supervision of this research group you will do your master thesis project.

Specialization during your master’s programme

Choosing common core courses

For the Software Technology track you will choose 5 out of the following 11 courses in your individual exam programme:

Common Core courses

3D Computer Graphics & Animation
Advanced Algorithms
Behavioural Change Support Systems
Compiler Construction
Distributed Algortihms
Machine Learning 1
Multimedia Search and Recommendation
Real-time Systems
Security & Cryptography
Software Architecture
Webscience & Engineering

Individual Exam Programme

Depending on your choice for the track Software Technology and the common core courses you choose you compose your master’s programme. Because there is a lot of free choice when compiling the programme, your programme will differ from other students. It is recommended to take 15 EC each quarter. A composed programme could look like this:

Composing your master’s programme

At the start of the masters programme, you will be guided in composing your individual master’s programme. Information in the about the computer science research groups and master courses can also help you in composing your master’s programme.

Special programmes

Within the master programme Computer Science there are three special programmes:

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