International experience

All MSc programmes at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering are truly international in character. Approximately 30% of the MSc students is international and the programmes are completely English spoken. Participants in the programme can take advantage of the faculty’s many cooperations with leading design institutes around the world to gain international experience, e.g. through an exchange at one of the faculty’s 50 exchange partner universities. 

Within the curriculum

Throughout the master programmes there are several opportunities for an international experience. Some of the options in the third semester of the MSc (elective space) are:

  • Study Abroad for a semester at one of our 50 partner universities (30 EC)
  • Internship abroad (15 EC)
  • Joint Master Project Abroad in an underdeveloping country (15 EC)
  • ATHENS (7-day intensive courses in Europe)

In the fourth semester of the master (graduation), students can choose to do their Graduation Project abroad.

For the Joint Master Project, several teams are allowed to participate in a Base-of-the-Pyramid project each semester, of which an example is shown below. Internships and graduation projects are arranged by the students themselves and can also take place within a company abroad.

Example of a Joint Master Project abroad

Outside the curriculum

ID, the study association of the faculty of IDE, and the master communities organize yearly study trips ranging in intensity from just visiting museums, design schools and design agencies to doing research and design cases for companies.

Generally speaking, a lot is possible when it comes to gaining international experience, it just requires your own initiative. E.g. keep your eyes open for any teacher starting a (research)project or competition abroad, looking for students to participate.