Master Community – Infuse

Infuse is a student-led community that represents and supports TU Delft’s MSc Design for Interaction (DfI) students. Our goal is to inspire and bring students, organisations, and designers from around the world together. One way we do this is by organising social and educational events that create opportunities for socialising, learning, and networking.

We strive to help DfI students grow professionally and personally. By being open and creating relationships with other student associations and members of the TU Delft staff, we aim to build a community that we can be proud of. We try to maintain a strong relationship with the faculty, especially with those involved in DfI. To ensure the voices of DfI’s students are heard, we attend bi-weekly meetings and present feedback to the relevant course coordinators and the programme director.

Since the Infuse team is made up of DfI students, we naturally end up playing a very active role in our community. We’re constantly in contact with our fellow classmates and seek out their perspectives and opinions. This enables us to find the perfect way to bring students and companies together. Through the Infuse network, we’re also able to share valuable information from companies (e.g. events, talks, and vacancies) with DfI students.

All of the events we organise are tailored to DfI students and their growth as industrial designers. We host social events like DfI drinks and Design Cinema; as well as, professional events like DfI Dialogues with alumni and other inspiring speakers. We also take a lot of time to carefully plan out case days with companies. These can happen locally or during Infuse’s annual trip abroad. During this yearly trip, students have the opportunity to participate in a series of case days in a different country (fingers crossed this can happen again soon)!

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(From left to right: Sharda/education, Alexandra/vice chair, Miriam/social events, Annie/PR, Irene/chair)