Chinmaya Vyas

I completed my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunications in Mumbai, India. Then decided to do a masters in Electrical Engineering with a specialisation in Telecommunications and sensing from TU Delft. I chose to study here because of the high ranking of the university and the flexibility in terms of choosing from wide range of courses. My obvious choice after my bachelor’s was to go for a masters in Telecommunications because of my enthusiasm towards the field of cellular communications which is an indispensable part of our lives.

My master program is very broad with 6 different options available to do your specialization. The courses are pretty challenging, require effort and deep understanding of the concepts. Many courses available have projects which provide a perfect balance of theory as well as practical aspects that allow you to apply what you have learned thereby augmenting your knowledge.

Another aspect of the studies here at TU Delft is that one needs to work regularly in order to ace a particular course as there are assignments and homework which keep you updated throughout the period which in turn is helpful on the evaluation day.

Apart from studies the campus is really lively with events happening almost every week. Career fairs, workshops, conferences etc. are a normal sight here. I have had a chance to attend a few workshops organised by TU Delft Career centre like CV check and Effective use of LinkedIn for job/internship search were really good. Also, Yes!Delft is definitely much more than I could describe it here. I am glad that I made a decision to pursue a masters from here.