Manasa Dattatreya

I am Manasa Dattatreya. I completed my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Instrumentation from Visvesvaraya Technical University, India. My work experience in the telecom industry fuelled my interest to pursue my Master’s in the Telecommunication and Sensing Systems (TSS). The course structure for my track is what interested me and helped me decide on taking up a course here. TU Delft has a reputation that precedes it. The courses have been at par with my expectations. They help you gain knowledge academically as well as learn about the current trends in the industry.

The best part of the programme is that it allows flexibility in choosing the courses you want to study. You can choose to be specific in a certain field or you can opt to be diverse. The academic staff are very approachable and quick in responding to any of the queries you could have.

The courses on Performance analysis of Complex Networks and Telecom Architecture and Business Models relate to real-world scenarios and I found them interesting. Prospective students need to bear in mind that the courses are one of a kind but challenging as well.  Regular study is the key to doing well academically.

Delft has been great so far. The college campus is amazing. However, the weather will take some time getting used to. But you will learn to appreciate the sun.

Once I complete my master’s, I am hoping to find work in the field of Networking or in one of the telecom companies and apply the things that I have learned so far.