Bridging programme for Dutch hbo-students

Please note:

  • The application deadline for possible direct admission to the master is 1 May 2023.
  • The application deadline for the bridging program is 1 July 2023 (see further information about the application process).

After this date it will be difficult to process the application on time.

For a Bachelor degree of a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO), there is a bridging programme available. This programme is only available in Dutch.

The objective of the bridging programme

The major objective of the bridging programme is the further development of skills to an academic bachelor level. After successful completion of this bridging programme you can be admitted to the two-years master's programme Engineering and Policy Analysis.

Exemption of the bridging programme

Students with a completed BSc degree that is eligible for the MSc programme (please find here an overview of the eligible BSc degrees: doorstroomschema) with an average grade higher than a 7.5, a thesis grade higher than an 8, and graduated within 4 years, can submit a request for a direct admission to the EPA Admissions Committee. The same application procedure applies as stated on: Dutch BSc degree (

Contact about information and application

Bridging coordinator TPM