Career prospects

After graduation many graduates find employment with international operating engineering, consulting and banking firms or as strategic advisors to national governments, regulatory bodies and international organisations. About 90% of our graduates find a suitable position within three months after graduation. Most of them start as junior or assistant analyst and rapidly grow to more prominent positions as strategy analyst, senior consultant or management officials.

Currently EPA alumni work with consulting companies like Accenture (NL), Dura Vermeer (NL) and Ecorys (NL), Mercades (Spain), N-side (Belgium), RAND Corporation (UK), Forst and Sullivan (Brazil). Others work in the energy sector, for instance as plan analyst with the government of Indonesia, at Makon Power Systems in Nigeria, with the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, as engineering manager with Nuon/Vattenfall (NL) and planning consultant with Chilelectra in Chile. Others work in engineering firms like Intel (NL), ABB in Switzerland, and FANUC Robotics in China. 

Two recent alumni surveys indicate that some 60% of our alumni work in the private sector. Another 30% enter the public sector and most of the remainder pursue PhD degrees or continue in academia. We have an active EPA Alumni Group with more than 300 members on LinkedIn

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