Studying at TU Delft - The Hague Campus

This master's programme is located in The Hague, in a vibrant environment in the city centre of The Hague in the middle of international organizations and ministries. Students will study in The Wijnhaven building in the city centre of The Hague. In the 2nd year part of the program will be at the campus in Delft. The Hague is home to many multinationals, government agencies, international consulting companies and non-governmental organizations.

In this unique international environment, less than 10 miles from the Delft University Campus, we teach you to become a policy advisor or strategy consultant equipped with more than just engineering skills.

TU Delft | The Hague is located on the fifth floor in the lively Wijnhaven building. The building belongs to Leiden University and every week lectures, workshops and meetings are organized. Students and staff from many nationalities work and meet in the inspiring Wijnhaven Building. The Building is open seven days a week, including the evenings.

We have two labs with a lot of windows, a hall and common room to relax. This is the place where EPA students study, work together, follow courses, eat, meet and play games. Workshops and events are organized by different faculties and groups of TU Delft often together with our network in The Hague.

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