A strategic approach for site selection of waste facilities in Mexico

Quynh Doan, Nur An Nisa Milyana, Rohit Ramlakhan, Ellie Roy, Vera Stevers, Jialun Wu

Open dumping, open burning and burying of municipal solid waste (MSW) can be the cause environmental and public health issues. To help countries which do not have an advanced waste management system reduce health risks this project aimed to find suitable locations to create sanitary landfills, which is an economic and environment friendly solution in many countries. To find suitable locations not only the geographic characteristics, but also amount of undisposed waste, local population and several other factors play a role. To include all the factors a spatial decision support system (SDSS) was developed as a QGIS plugin. This tool resulted in a selection of suitable locations for possible landfills in the area of Mexico, which was the use case for this project.