Tree Reconstruction from a Point Cloud using an L-system

Daniel Dobson, Haoyang Dong, Noortje van der Horst, Lars Langhorst, Jasper van der Vaart, Ziyan Wu

Storing accurate models of complex geometries in a compact way has become an increasingly challenging issue, especially when dealing with large datasets. One of such datasets is Cobra-Groeninzicht's database of all trees in the Netherlands. In the gaming industry, a new technique is being used to generate tree models: the L-system. An L-system stores a string representation of the structural model of a tree, with the added possibility for recursive modelling using growing rules. In this research project, the AdTree algorithm is used to reconstruct a skeleton from a point cloud of a single tree which is then transformed to an L-string format. The L-system format comes with the advantage that it allows for several methods of increasing its compactness further (growing, generalisation). The overall size of these files also indicates fewer storage space is needed to store the tree geometry.

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