Felix Dahle

Name: Felix Dahle, German
Bachelor: IT engineering and business at the Steinbeis University Berlin & Geography at the University of Wurzburg

Instead of using predefined functions in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), we create our own tools.

With my two bachelor degrees, I knew I wanted to do a master abroad where I could combine the knowledge from both. The German Remote Sensing Association recommended me the Geomatics master in Delft and I was quickly convinced. I liked the city, it is close to the sea and TU Delft is a highly respected university. Geomatics in the Built Environment was a logical next step. Because it combines both my bachelors, I was well prepared and it was possible for me to have a side job as well.

I already knew about remote sensing and data collection systems, but through Geomatics, I learned considerably more about the analysis of geographic data using a large variety of algorithms. Instead of using predefined functions in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), we create our own tools. You look inside the black box instead of only using existing algorithm. This means you understand, create, and improve them. I really like this mixture of IT with the physical world.

Geomatics turned out to be quite technical and there are many deadlines, which really motivated me to keep up. You get a lot of responsibility, no mandatory attendance or filled out agendas, you have to plan it yourself. The groups are small, which allowed me to quickly make friends. The group assignments stimulated me to collaborate, too. The resulting informal, cooperative culture is substantiated by the teachers, who are very accessible and willing to help.

After my master Geomatics in the Built Environment, I am pursuing a PhD to explore the use of machine learning to solve geoscience problems. I can see myself working on automatic object detection or automated digital visualisation of buildings. The career perspective is amazing: there are diverse job opportunities, and it is even possible to start your own company within this field.

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