Application and Admission

Admission to the MSc programme in Life Science & Technology depends on your educational background. See detailed information on application for:

MSc Life Science & Technology

  1. BSc students who have a deficit of maximum 15 EC of the TU Delft/U Leiden joint degree BSc program LST on August 31, 2020, have access to the TU Delft MSc program LST.
  2. BSc students who did not complete their 17(18) EC BEP, but have started their BEP and completed at least a minimum of 2(3) EC  of the BEP (as determined by the Board of Examiners in consultation with BEP supervisor), have access to the TU Delft MSc program LST, provided that no other course is missing from their BSc exam program.
  3. There are no specific requirements with regards to the courses obtained within the bachelor's programme.
  4. A compulsory study planning (in consultation with the academic counsellors) should be delivered before the start of the academic year 2020-2021, ensuring the completion of their BSc programme before Sept. 1, 2021.