The Life Science & Technology master is a two-year, English language, multidisciplinary programme. The programme combines academic coursework, group assignments and active research. See also the programme in detail.

First Year

First Semester  Second Semester
General Compulsory Modules (12 EC)
  • Intro Algorithmics & MatLab (1 EC)
  • Analysis of Metabolic Networks (5 EC)
  • Bioprocess Integration (6 EC)
 Specialisation courses (6 EC)
Specialisation courses (12 EC)  Elective courses (part of 12 EC)
 Elective courses (part of 12 EC)  Design Project (12 EC) and Ethics (3 EC)

Second Year

First semester  Second Semester

 Industrial Internship (18 EC) and Research and Master's thesis (45 EC)

  • 1 EC = 28 hrs study, according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  • One academic year = 60 EC. Total amount of credits MSc programme = 120 EC