Programme in detail

Specialisation Courses

Elective courses and orientations

By following elective courses you can broaden or deepen your knowledge. You can choose your own set of courses or choose one of these elective options:

  • Communication
  • Education (taught in Dutch)
  • Management of Technology
  • Study Abroad

Design project

In the design project you will be challenged to integrate applied and theoretical knowledge. The project may focus on specific bioproducts such as pharmaceuticals or food additives, or on specific bioprocess involving, for example, fine or bulk chemicals, or on environmental processes. It might also address a micro-organism or a metabolic route in that organism, or the design of equipment, including, for example, diagnostic equipment. Depending on the topic, a team of students from different LST specialisations may collaborate in a structured manner towards a complete design to be described in both a written report and an oral presentation.

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Industrial internship

For a period of three months during the programme, you participate in an industrial or commercial internship at a life science institute or commercial company such as DSM, Organon, Unilever, or TNO.

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