Testimonial Okyanus Yazgin

Programme: Master in LST
Year of study: 1st

I believe that we can obtain very much valuable information from nature and that we can use this information to create sustainable solutions to our problems. In my opinion, biotechnological production technologies and their environmentally friendly products are essential steps towards a greener future. Therefore, I have chosen to pursue my education in the MSc programme Life Science and Technology with a specialisation in Biochemical Engineering.

The MSc programme LST covers my expectations and needs perfectly, as an advanced graduate degree where I can improve myself and work towards attaining my goals, and to contribute with my research to both the scientific field and society in general. The specialisation in Biochemical Engineering in particular seems tailor-made for me, giving the opportunity to follow many different bio-related modelling, simulation and design-based engineering courses. In addition to a perfect 2-year curriculum with a research thesis, internship and design project, this programme is not only designed to improve hard skills but also to boost your soft skills. For instance, there are many group assignments that advance your communication, leadership, time management and teamwork skills.

Even though I am a first-year student, I feel very confident that this programme is preparing me well for every career path that I might eventually take. After graduating, I am planning to do a PhD to further develop my knowledge and skills. However, I do not want my research to remain in the lab, so I will do my best to transform my research into a business with a spin-off or a start-up company.

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