Testimonial Sagarika Bangalore Govindaraju

Programme: Master in LST
Year of study: 2nd

After my Bachelor in Biotechnology from Bangalore, India followed by an internship at a synthetic biology start-up, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of applying engineering principles and tools to microbial systems for real world applications. The Master in Life Science and Technology programme at TU Delft provided an ideal environment to do so.

The first year of the programme offers a diverse range of courses: you can learn parallelly about large scale fermentation processes; wastewater treatment plants; modelling metabolic networks and genetic engineering tools, to name but a few. The variety of courses can be confusing to choose from, but it allows you to explore your interests. The courses also vary in teaching methods and you are encouraged to think critically and engage in scientific discussions.

Towards the end of the first year, the programme allows you to pursue iGEM. I decided to participate in iGEM as it provides a unique opportunity to develop a (synthetic biology) project of your choice from scratch. iGEM has been a massive learning experience. I have not only developed into a more confident researcher but have also learnt how to work in a diverse team while developing the skills to evaluate the societal relevance of my research and to communicate effectively. After iGEM, I started my Master’s thesis project at the Industrial Microbiology group where I can put what I have learnt to practice and work on cutting edge research.

All in all, the Life Science and Technology programme is challenging, engaging and exciting. Looking back, I’ve learnt a lot and come a long way in the course of just two years of the Master’s programme.

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