MSc Marine Technology

Large cargo ships travel the oceans every day, connecting people from all over the world. But 400m long cargo vessels enduring rough seas are not the only engineering feat out at sea. Designing novel ships that install very large offshore wind turbines is a huge challenge as well; and that’s just one example. Marine Technology uniquely studies (technical) aspects of vessels; giving future engineers the scientific knowledge and skills to handle challenges in the design, construction and operation of ships and marine systems. 

What you will learn

Marine Technology students develop the scientific skills to perform in-depth ship-related research and/or integrate different relevant knowledge domains into a successful ship design. The programme provides a solid base for working in the maritime industry as well as in maritime research institutes or the university.

Graduates improve not only the ships (and other maritime crafts), but also the processes used to design, build or operate these vessels. They either work as maritime expert or as integrator in mixed, multidisciplinary teams. The required attitude and knowledge are developed in a challenging and personally tailored master programme.