International opportunities

The possibilities for international experience within this track are numerous.

Semester Abroad

There is always an opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of the faculty's exchange programs. Please visit the website of the International Office for more information on these exchange programs and for an overview of the partner universitites abroad.

An research assignment abroad

For their second master year there is the possibility to do a research assignment instead of courses. It might be interesting to spend these three months not doing research for the TUDelft, but do get to know another university and gain some research experience over there. This way, you get to meet a different culture, but also you can see if doing research is something for your future.

Collaboration with international students

During the part of the programme executed in Delft, students will also have ample opportunities for international exchange, in view of the fact that the programme has consistently attracted a diverse student body. Students come from just about every corner of the world, including but not limited to Norway, Belgium, Italy, Spain and China.