The Science track within the Master's programme Marine Technology consists of a two year programme and is taught in English. In this track, two specialisations are offered: Ship Hydromechanics and Ship and Offshore Construction. About a third of the credits in the first year are compulsory courses.


25 EC

  • Ship and Offshore Hydromechanics
    linear motions and loads
  • Ship and Offshore Structures 
    fatigue, fracture, ultimate strength
  • Mechatronics
    dynamic positioning, signal analysis
  • Project Management and Planning and Design of Complex Specials

12,5 ECT

  • Advanced Ship and Offshore Hydromechanics
    nonlinear motions and loads
  • Hydro-Elasticity, and Dynamics
    numerical methods

22,5 EC

Of which at least one of the following subjects will have to be chosen:

  • Ship Hydromechanics
    Fundamentals and Application of CFD, Hydromechanics of Special Ship Types, Ship Resistance and Propulsion.  (12,5 EC)
  • Ship and Offshore Structures
    Application of FEM, Advanced Ship and Offshore Structures (shear and torsion, composites), Structural Reliability (12,5 EC)

Plus an additional program consisting of ≥10 EC electives free to choose.

1st semester

Internship (≥ 15 EC)

2nd semester

Master thesis project (45 EC)


The Science track offers students a choice between two specialisations: