MSc Materials Science & Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering is an interdisciplinary study focusing on the relationship between structures and behaviour of materials (science) and the design of these structures to produce predefined properties for specific applications (engineering). Students consider materials over a wide range of length and time scales from the behaviour of collections of individual atoms to macroscopic structural and functional properties and from raw material processing through sustainable production and application of materials, to failure, durability and recycling.

Materially important

Materials Science and Engineering is concerned with the sustainable development of materials that meet or exceed performance expectations for specific functions. It covers the sustainable processes that convert raw materials into final engineered products and the design of innovative new materials for the continuously evolving needs of society and technology.

What you will learn

The MSc Programme in Materials Science and Engineering combines studies of the physical, chemical and mechanical behaviour and properties of materials with training in production techniques and the development of materials that meet requirements for a wide range of applications. In the programme, you will gain understanding of the behaviour of materials under different conditions and learn how to maximise their suitability in products and industrial processes. You will study the design of new materials that perform better, last longer, enhance function, conserve resources and have a low environmental footprint.

Theoretical and applied

The programme covers subjects from atomic scale (fundamental) to large scale (application) and from design end-life and disposal of materials. The Materials Science and Engineering programme is well suited to meet the expectations of students with more theoretical interests as well as those with interests in applied science and engineering.