MSc Materials Science & Engineering

Welcome to the world of Materials Science and Engineering at TU Delft, where innovation, exploration, and impactful solutions converge. Our comprehensive master's program explores the intricate relationship between material structures and behaviour, encompassing the design of structures to meet specific application requirements. From investigating atomic behaviour to understanding macroscopic properties, we cover the entire spectrum of material science, emphasizing sustainable production, failure analysis, durability, and recycling. Immerse yourself in our multidisciplinary environment, where renowned faculty, cutting-edge research, and collaborative projects empower you to become a leader in shaping the future of materials. Join us at TU Delft and embark on a transformative journey in Materials Science and Engineering.

Sustainably significant

Materials Science and Engineering is dedicated to the pursuit of sustainable material development, aiming to surpass performance expectations for specific functions. Our program encompasses the sustainable processes involved in transforming raw materials into advanced engineered products, as well as the creative design of novel materials that cater to the ever-evolving demands of society and technology.

Knowledge and skills acquired

The MSc Programme in Materials Science and Engineering offers a comprehensive blend of studying the physical, chemical, and mechanical behaviours and properties of materials, coupled with practical training in production techniques and the development of materials that fulfil diverse application needs. Through our programme, you will develop a profound understanding of material behaviour under varying conditions and acquire the skills to optimize their suitability in products and industrial processes. Furthermore, you will delve into the realm of designing novel materials that exhibit superior performance, extended lifespan, enhanced functionality, efficient resource utilization, and a minimal environmental footprint .

A balance of theoretical and applied

The Materials Science and Engineering program is designed to cater to the diverse expectations of students, accommodating those with a penchant for theoretical exploration as well as those with a passion for applied science and engineering. Whether you aspire to dive into the depths of material science or contribute to tangible real-world solutions, our program provides an ideal platform to nurture your interests and aspirations.