International possibilities

TU Delft values international exposure and collaboration, and therefore within the master's program Materials Science and Engineering, we encourage and enable students to pursue educational opportunities abroad, subject to the approval of the Board of Examiners.

Exchange Program: Collaborating with Partner Universities

As part of the exchange programs offered by the faculty the students have the opportunity to engage in coursework at partner institutions. This also implies the possibility to spend a semester abroad at another institution. More details about these exchange programs and partner universities abroad can be found on the website of the International Office.

External Research Project andĀ Master's Thesis

In the second year of the master's program, students have the opportunity to undertake an external research project instead of traditional coursework and conclude their master's by successfully conducting an independent scientific investigation and writing a master's thesis. Both these projects can be carried out in another university or industry in the Netherlands or abroad. This experience offers not only valuable networking opportunities within the global materials science community but also allows students to gain practical experience and explore different research cultures.

A Diverse Student Community

Collaboration with international students is a significant aspect of the Materials Science and Engineering master's program at TU Delft. The program consistently attracts a diverse student body from various corners of the world, providing ample opportunities for collaborations with international peers on projects and engage in cross-cultural learning experiences.