Materials in Engineering Applications (MEA)

The automotive,  offshore, maritime, medical  and various other industries all depend on advanced materials technologies. Indeed, innovations in these fields often require materials that must meet contradictory, nearly impossible demands. In this specialisation you will learn how to optimise materials for engineering applications by considering  properties with respect to aspects such as production, joining, corrosion and failure. Alternatives for materials processing and the effect of this processing on properties will be addressed.

The specialisation comprises: 

  • Science of Failure (3 EC);
  • Processing of Materials II (4 EC);
  • Joining Technologies (3 EC);
  • Materials Selection for Engineering Applications (3 EC);
  • Corrosion and Protection against Corrosion (3 EC);
  • Internship (15 EC);
  • Electives (8 EC).

Examples of graduation projects

  • Investigation of the coarse grained heat-affected zone microstructure and hardness of multipass welded X65 linepipe steel;
  • On the mechanism(s) of sour gas corrosion on corrosion resistant alloys in oil and gas environments with elemental sulphur exposure;
  • Thermomechanical fatigue of SiMo cast iron used in truck engines;
  • Minimisation of component distortion during welding;
  • Fracture test development for automotive forming and crash.

More information

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