MSc Mechanical Engineering

At TU Delft, the goal of the MSc Programme in Mechanical Engineering is to give students a broad, in-depth understanding of all mechanical engineering disciplines. The programme trains engineers to handle the entire process of innovative thinking, design, manufacturing and operation.

The tracks of the Master’s programme Mechanical Engineering have a common part. This consists of three obligatory courses:

  • Nonlinear Mechanics (4EC)
  • Physics for Mechanical Engineers (4EC)
  • Measurement Technology (3EC)

In addition, students must choose at least 5 ECs of the following courses:

  • Intelligent Vehicles (4EC)
  • Drive & Energy Systems (3EC)
  • Advanced Heat Transfer (3EC)
  • Advanced Fluid Dynamics (5EC)
  • Control System Design (5EC)

Also a social course is mandatory, which one depends on the track.

Accreditation: Accredited by the NVAO