Elective Programme - in detail

Perception and Modelling (PM)

  • Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Introduction to UWB technology, systems and applications
  • Object Oriented Scientific Programming  C++


Dynamics and Control (DC)

  • Multibody Dynamics B
  • System Identification and Parameter Estimation
  • Vehicle Dynamics B - Vehicle Control
  •  Robust and Multivariable Control Design


Human Factors (HF)

  • Applied Experimental Methods: Human Factors
  • The Human Controller
  • Man-Machine Systems
  • Neuromechanics & Motor Control


Materials (MAT)

  • Design of lightweight structures I: Composites & Metals
  • Science of failure
  • Corrosion and protection against corrosion
  • Recycling engineering materials 

and other courses at master level offered by TU Delft