Solar Energy Engineering

General FAQ

What is a MicroMasters program credential?

The DelftX MicroMaster Program in Solar Energy Engineering is a standalone certification programme offered by DelftX. The credential consists of four intensive online courses and final exams. The total cost of this MicroMasters Program is $1250 and upon successful completion the learner will receive the MicroMasters program credential. It is important to note that the MicroMasters Program is NOT a degree-granting programme nor is it a guarantee of admission to TU Delft or its Master’s programmes. It is a separate stand-alone credential. The courses within the MicroMasters Program originate from TU Delft Master of Science programmes. 

What are the five online courses required for the DelftX MicroMasters program credential?






Photovoltaic Energy Conversion

Photovoltaic Technologies

Photovoltaic Systems

Integration of Photovoltaic Systems in Microgrids

Solar Energy: Program Capstone

How many courses does the MicroMasters Program Solar Energy Engineering have?

The program consists of four intensive online courses and a capstone course, in which you will take 2 final exams.

Do I have to follow all courses to receive a MicroMasters program credential?

Yes. To successfully complete the program  and to be able to obtain the MicroMasters program credential you need to register and pass each of the five courses as an ID verified learner.

How much time should I expect to spend on each course?

Each course runs between 8 and 12 weeks. We expect learners to invest between 9 and 12 hours per week during a course.

Is there a formal way to enroll in the MicroMaster Program?

No, there is no formal enrollment in the MicroMasters program credential. Instead, you should register as an ID verified student for each individual course. You can do this here:

What does each of the courses consist of?

Every course consists of lecture videos, assignments, peer review, and exams. Some courses have project work. 

Do I need to be a verified learner to earn the DelftX MicroMasters program credential?

Yes, you need to be a verified learner for each of the courses.

May I use different accounts for the MicroMaster Program courses?

No, to be able to receive the MicroMasters program credential we need to track your learner progress throughout the four courses and the capstone project. This means each learner should have a single edX identity (username and email account) in the five MicroMaster Program courses.

When will the first course run?

Please view the timelines of each MicroMasters Program course and project here:

Can I use ID verified certificate introduction to Solar Energy to waive parts of the courses?

The MOOC Solar Energy is a good introduction to prepare yourself for this MicroMasters Program, but it cannot be used to waive parts of the courses.

Do I need to take the courses in the order proposed?

It’s preferable to take the courses in the order we offer them, since the later courses build on the knowledge of the earlier courses.

What materials and books do I need to be able to participate in the MicroMasters Program?

All materials, readings and lectures are included in the course materials offered at edX once you sign up for and begin a course. Any supplemental materials will be available for download.

The TU Delft Master Programme

To which Master programmes is the MicroMasters program credential connected?

The MicroMasters Program Solar Energy Engineering is connected to two master programmes:

For these master programmes the regular admission procedures apply, please see for more information  

How can I benefit from the MicroMasters Program in the TU Delft Master programmes?

If you are admitted and you would like to be exempted from courses in the aforementioned MSc programmes, you are required to send a formal waiver request. Campus courses that can be waived (up to 16-18 credits and depending on your Individual Exam Programme) are courses that are equivalent to the solar energy courses of the MSc programme in question.

What are the admission requirements?

For more information about the application procedure and studying at TU Delft in general, go to These are regular admission requirements which apply to all learners not only MicroMasters program learners.