Edgardo Silva


“When I chose Management of Technology I was working for the Bolivian government and I wanted to fill the knowledge gap between administrative and technical areas. I came to Delft looking for a programme to enable me to pursue this clear goal in my life, and also for international experience in a technology university. I chose it because I think it is very up-to-date, and in an interesting part of the world, far from my home. It is answering my hopes. The programme is giving me those skills to have the right approach to face management tasks in high-tech firms. I think some of the most important things I have learned here are not written in any book. They are not even linked to science or academic things. It is simply living and studying here that are so important. For me it is the first time I spend abroad for such a long time. Being far away from my family and friends in Bolivia, I have learned to appreciate them and to express that to them.”